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Effective Colon Cleansing
Lose weight and gain energy with effective colon cleansing

How to Tell If You Need a Colon Cleanse

If you've heard of the benefits of a colon cleanse, you may be wondering how to tell if you need a colon cleanse.

Though the situation is different for everybody, there are some common issues may give you an indication that you would benefit from a colon cleanse. Here are some of them.

Since the colon is obviously involved in bowel function it is not surprising that a change in bowel habits may indicate the need for a colon cleansing.

Common symptoms that indicate that something may be awry include constipation hard stool, erratic bowel habits, bloating, indigestion and excessive gas.

These symptoms are the result of a long history of poor dietary choices. They tend to develop slowly as he colon struggles to handle an increased toxic load and a low fiber diet.

Fiber is crucial to proper colon function and elimination of waste, yet most people don't get nearly enough. Any of the symptoms listed above may indicate that you need to increased fiber in your diet as well as a need to cleanse your colon.

Many people are surprised that symptoms other than bowel dysfunction may be associated with the need for colon cleansing. However low energy, cloudy thinking and lack of enthusiasm may indicate that you need a colon cleanse.

Lack of energy and mental clarity very often result from an imbalance in the colon and an accumulation of toxins.  Anyone experiencing such symptoms should seriously consider a cleanse.

The skin is itself a large organ and one we can see.  Accumulation of toxins leads to visibly unhealthy skin.  For some people, even simple blemishes and a poor complexion may indicate that they need a colon cleanse.

As you can see, the signs that you may need a colon cleanse are quite varied.

However since the foundation of the cleanses avoidance of toxins in the first place and consumption of a healthy, preferably organic, diet there really is no reason not to pay attention to colon health and cleansing on a routine basis.

You'll find lots of information about colon cleansing and different ways to go about it on other pages on this site.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to try a simple cleanse and see how you respond.

Feel free to try one form of colon cleansing or another that you'll find on this site and see if you don't feel better. 

If you want to read about a highly recommended commercially available colon cleanse, click the link below:

Ultimate Colon Cleanse

Ultimate Colon Cleanse

This cleanse combines several organic herbs and natural ingredients for a complete cleanse that would be difficult to do on its own.  I also doesn't require intense dietary change to be effective (although you will get the best results with dietary changes such as sticking to organic fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of pure water).